Building services (HVAC & Lighting)

The building services dedicated to ensure a comfortable, healthy indoor environment inside buildings are known as “Heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC)”. With this purpose, HVAC systems are devoted to keep indoor humidity, temperature and level of pollutants within an acceptable or legal range.

In order to fulfil the comfort requirements of the users, the HVAC systems have to extract the heating or cooling load inside the building and provide fresh air from outdoors at room temperatures. These systems have one of the biggest shares of energy use in buildings. Therefore, it is very important to design the building based on passive strategies that minimize the need for heating, cooling and ventilation and active strategies that deploy high efficient systems with minimal consumption.

List of demo sites where this technology is being implemented.

DIRECTION Site Valladolid

The Spanish demo site is located in the centre of Spain, under a Mediterranean Continental Climate. The building, known as CARTIF III, has 4,075 m² of floor space and will be used for CARTIF Technology Centre research activities, with both offices and test facilities. The design and construction of...