Small energy storage

Storage systems collect and release energy at different times aiming at reducing energy use and supporting renewable energy systems. The integration of such systems at building level has to rely on small scale storage systems to better adapt to the building demand.

Small scale storage captures energy when the conditions are more appropriated due to optimal weather conditions such as high solar radiation or wind, low cost of energy or similar conditions. The energy storage will be released when demand is high and/or the release of the storage energy is more convenient than covering the demand with the existing generation technologies.

Energy storage involves the conversion of the produced energy form into a more conveniently or economically storable forms. The most used forms of storage are electrical and thermal storage.

List of projects where this technology is being implemented.


The READY project aims to demonstrate how the demand of energy and particularly the needs for fossil fuels and release of CO2 can be considerably reduced to nearly zero, and show a sustainable way to go for other European cities. Demonstration is taking place in two cities: Aarhus (Denmark), which...


The NEXT-Buildings project focuses on low energy buildings also called active houses, which are not only buildings, but active components in the overall integrated energy systems. The target is to demonstrate affordable solutions for social housing and revitalisation of town areas. The solutions...


E2ReBuild project investigated, promoted, and demonstrated cost-effective and advanced energy-efficient retrofit strategies that create added value for existing residential buildings and endorse end-users to stay and build a dynamic society. The vision of E2ReBuild was to transform the retrofitting...


The overall objective of the EE-HIGHRISE project was to demonstrate and validate new technologies, concepts, and systems used, in order to test and assess the technological and economic feasibility of innovative energy solutions in the high rise demo buildings in contributing to the EU energy and...
List of demo sites where this technology is being implemented.

READY Site Aarhus

*Disclaimer: There is not sufficient information available for this demo site. Check this page regularly for updates.

READY Site Växjö

*Disclaimer: There is not sufficient information available for this demo site. Check this page regularly for updates.

E2REBUILD Site Roosendaal

The demonstration in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, consists of 70 identical single family terrace houses build in 1960 in the area of Kroeven. The full upgrade of the Kroeven area consists of 370 houses, of which 246 will be renovated and 112 units will be newly constructed, replacing about 100...


The goal of the demonstration project was to build a 12 000 m2 zero energy building in the Lyon-Confluence area in Lyon (France). After an international design competition, SPL Lyon-Confluence selected a group of real estate developers, Bouygues Immobilier and SLC associated with the Japanese...

EE-HIGHRISE Site Ljubljana

The demo high rise building Eco Silver House is located in the city centre of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, at Dunajska road, near the northern line of the town's ring road. It is situated in the heart of business, commercial and recreational area. At the same time, primary school, music school...