Mobile applications for citizens

By using mobile applications, citizens can easily gain access to different services and open data. This offers new opportunities for the intelligent management of demand and can enhance the quality of life in cities. Mobile applications help citizen to access information and make informed decisions in various domains, such as:

  • energy control at home
  • multi-modal mobility
  • rental systems, etc.
List of projects where this technology is being implemented.


The ENTROPY project aims to design and deploy an innovative IT ecosystem targeted at improving energy efficiency through consumer understanding, engagement and behavioural changes. The focus is on the collection of energy-related information from heterogeneous data sources, the proper analysis of...


The EnerGAware project will develop and test, in 100 affordable homes, a serious game that will be linked to the actual energy consumption (smart meter data) of the game user’s home and embedded in social media and networking tools. The EnerGAware solution will provide an innovative IT ecosystem in...