Cities participating in EU initiatives

Published Date: 
23 January 2017

The following two documents list the cities participating in six European initiatives, the country and number of residents and the level of their involvement:

  • CONCERTO and Smart cities calls in FP7 and Horizon 2020: lighthouse and follower cities, as well as details of their participation (210 cities)
  • EIP-SCC Market place: number of commitments (299 cities)
  • Covenant of Mayors: status (6882 cities)
  • CIVITAS: number of projects (50 cities)
  • Green Digital Charter: signatory status (50 cities)
  • ¬†European Energy Award: status (1385 cities)

The lists have filter functions which enable the user to find easily the cities satisfying these criteria. They can be a useful tool for cities, SMEs, industry, research establishment and academia to find project or business partners.