Clean fuels and fueling infrastructure

Increasing the use of alternative fuels and clean vehicles is key to reducing both local air and noise pollution and global greenhouse gas emissions. Clean fuels include biodiesel, biogas/CNG (compressed natural gas), LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and bio-ethanol. For their broader market deployment, the build-up of special filling station infrastructure for clean fuels and the electric vehicle charging station infrastructure is a necessary condition. 

List of demo sites where this technology is being implemented.

REMOURBAN Site Eskisehir

Eskisehir is located in the mid-western side of Anatolia. According to 2014 census, the population of the Eskisehir is approximately 810,000 and 320,000 of the total population is living in Tepebasi district, which is the demo site for the REMOURBAN project. It is a district of approximately 30,000...

REMOURBAN Site Nottingham

  Nottingham, one of the major cities in East Midlands is situated 130 miles north of London and has official population of 305,750. The area around Sneinton Road, Sneinton , Nottingham  is considered as the most appropriate for the development of the REMOURBAN demo site The site is very close to...