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Webinar: Data management and citizens’ privacy in smart cities’ open governance

26 April 2017

Thanks to smartphones and apps, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, networks and sensors deployed throughout public spaces, cities are collecting vast amounts of data beneficial for the ‘public good’. This data enables municipalities to develop better-informed decision-making and improve public services (waste management, traffic prediction, energy efficiency).

This webinar, co-organised by Green Digital Charter and the ESPRESSO project, intends to show how data management...

Kick-off Meeting: Smarter Together Club of Cities

26 April 2017

The Smarter Together Club of Cities will bring together cities from Europe and beyond with the objective of improving their capacity to implement Smart City solutions through networking, study visits and online tools.

The European Lighthouse cities of Vienna, Munich and Lyon, the Follower cities of Santiago de Compostela, Sofia and Venice and the Observer cities of Kiev and Yokohama are working together to improve citizens’ quality of life in the framework of the...

PUBLENEF: A European Energy System in 3D? Rethinking the EU's Energy and Climate Policies

26 April 2017

The European energy system will have to undergo a major shift in order to transform the EU into decarbonized, sustainable and resilient society. Business-as-usual energy and climate policies will not be sufficient to reach this ambitious goal. A new way of thinking is required to achieve the long-term transition of the European energy system.

A European energy system in 3D – based on Democratization, Decentralization and Divestment – can provide the way forward to...

Financing energy efficiency

30 March 2017

The event will present a selection of on-going initiatives at local, national and European levels that are demonstrating that energy efficiency can be financed on a large scale through the mobilisation of private financing. Mostly funded under the Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency programme, these initiatives provide inspiring insights on aggregation and assistance for project development, de-risking energy efficiency investments, more effective use of public funding. 

Smart City Governance: building new solutions, exploiting the potentials

02 March 2017

This Exploitation Workshop provides focus on the emerging diverse, if not fragmented, European landscape of smart cities and communities' / smart sustainable cities' pilots and projects developing smart city solutions.

Smart City Event

07 June 2017 to 08 June 2017

Topics cover:What Cities will look like in 30 years, The urgency for Smarter Cities, Risk Management for Cities in Transformation, How to upscale Smart City Projects, Successful collaborations private and public organizations, National Smart City Strategies, Set up a Regional Smart City Strategy, Bootcamps: Smart Mobility – Smart Energy – Smart Society – Smart Economy – Smart Data – Safe City,More than 30 practical cases. Learn also from failures, And many more…..

Smart Microgrids Design - Masterclass training

25 May 2017 to 26 May 2017

The two day training, conducted by leading European experts, focuses on: Legislative Challenges & Requirements, Design & Grid Formation, Simulation & Forecast Tools, Power Set Points, Commercial & Renewable Storage, Safety Requirements.

INSMART Project Final Conference: Sustainable Local Energy Planning

15 March 2017

The INSMART project has used an integrative energy planning approach to develop participatory sustainable energy implementation plans for four cities.

Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions

22 March 2017 to 24 March 2017

Planning requires a global overview and understanding of the past and current state of cities as well as a holistic approach in redirecting their future development and regeneration. Therefore, SSPCR 2017 warmly welcomes contributions coming from different research fields: urban and regional planning, environmental and social sciences, transportation, engineering and energy-related studies, as well as from the professional community.