Country & City: 
  • Spain
  • Bilbao
Contact Information: 
José María Campos Domínguez
Tecnalia Research & Innovation

The demonstration building is a three block residential building located in the Portugalete municipality in the Greater Bilbao and it is developed by the Basque Government-Department of Housing, Public Works and Transport. The new building in Greater Bilbao is oriented to social housing, so the budget for the construction is very tight. The implemented technologies had to be energy efficient in order to achieve the target value but at the same time low cost, because the developer couldn’t afford expensive technology.

This residential building consists of a social housing oriented to low-income residents. It has been designed as a passive solar house with a targeted annual energy use on 41,8 kWh per m². The design of the building also aimed to minimize its environmental impact by using materials with low embodied energy and low environmental toxicity wherever possible.

Several energy efficiency measures were implemented on the building:

  • A parietodynamic wall, integrated with the building ventilation system, to maximize the energy storage in the façade
  • An insulating painting with nanotechnology which is designed to insulate and waterproof the walls
  • Green roofs, which provides insulation in winter and prevents overheating in summer

An energy display screen was installed in each of the buildings, providing information on heating, lighting and electric energy consumption. This is a tool for communicating with the residents, making them aware of their energy consumption to help to improve users’ behavior.

The social scope of the project is also important as it is oriented towards social housing. Therefore, the building will be low cost in order to be affordable for tenants of low-medium social class.

Finally the relationship among all the construction companies helps the introduction of the different technologies in other countries. Technologies that can be state of the art in one country can be innovative in other because they are not implemented and ready to be introduced in the market.

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