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Georg Tillman
RheinEnergie AG

In order to create a district-wide energy network in Cologne, Active Network Management (ANM) integrates decentralised energy generation and district heating systems with the electricity distribution network. The objective of the ANM scheme is to inform the models that are used to assess if decentralised energy plants (embedded generation) can connect to the electricity network and, if so, under what operating regime they can operate once connected. This will enable decentralised energy plants to be connected to the electricity network far more easily and with minimum restrictions creating a local energy network that has greater capacity and resilience. 

Demand Response will be used with the aim to understand how decentralised energy capacity can contribute to electricity network capacity and resilience. The demonstrator will engage in DR activities that will contribute to developing enhanced systems for optimising the contribution that decentralised energy can make to demand response and load control systems.

Besides the District Heating RheinEnergie AG is promoting local area heat supply solutions in the city. In the 80 and 90 the heat production was gas based only. In the last years RheinEnergie extended the sources for the heat production trying to use environmental and sustainable sources. Up to 2013 several technical facilities of this type were brought into service:

  • 9 bio-methane projects (6,000 kW heat, 80 GWh bio-methane),
  • 10 geothermal heating (heating power between 8-70 kW)
  • 4 wood pellet projects (100 – 850 kW; 600 t/year)
  • ​6 thermal solar heating systems (10 – 120 kW; collector surface 13 – 155 m2)