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Mika Hakosalo
City of Stockholm

Sweden’s capital city Stockholm has been working on climate change mitigation and adaption since the 1990s. The city is a real frontrunner, with well implemented climate action plans and pioneering policies to ensure it meets its ambitious environmental targets. The carbon dioxide emissions have been cut by 25% per citizen since 1990.

Stockholm is growing rapidly and sometimes faces challenges of both keeping and developing its unique city character. A key priority is to ensure that Stockholm remains a sustainable city, while offering an attractive and inspiring living and working environment. The climate action group coordinates implementation and monitors the results of all climate actions undertaken in the city.  Their long term aim is to become completely fossil-fuel free by 2040, with the immediate objective of reducing CO2eq to 3 tonnes per citizen by 2015.

Demonstration of the 12 smart solutions within GrowSmarter project will take place in Årsta, a fast-growing district in the South of Stockholm.

Low Energy District

  • Efficient and smart climate shell refurbishment
    • Windows with extra low U-values
    • Reducing hotwater losses with new solutions, hot water converter losses
    • Recovering waste water heat from the drain
    • Energy classified hot water fixtures
    • New efficient exhaust air heat pumps
    • New adaptive control and regulation techniques for heating systems
    • Energy quality assurance
    • Air tightness
    • Efficient lighting
  • Smart building logistics
    • Integrated multi-modal transport for construction materials/logistics center
  • Smart energy-saving tenants
    • Active house/Home Energy Management Systems/Smart home system
    • An open home net
    • Energy Visualization
    • Smart plugs, connected lighting and thermostats
    • Dynamic price models
    • Individual energy metering
    • CO2 signal
    • Energy Saving Center
  • Smart electricity management
    • Virtual Power Plant

Integrated Infrastructure

  • Smart street lighting
    • Lampposts as base for sensors, wifi, mobile network
  • Waste heat recovery
    • Open district heating with feed in of waste heat
    • Waste heat from data centers and vacuum waste systems
    • Waste heat from fridges and freezers in supermarkets
  • Smart waste collection
    • Optical sorting of waste
    • Introduction of AWCS (Automated waste collecting system) in an existing neighborhood
    • Waste collection statistics for individual households/businesses
  • Big data management
    • Big open data platform

Sustainable Urban Mobility

  • Sustainable delivery
    • Integrated multi-mode transport for light goods
    • Micro distribution of freight
  • Smart traffic management
    • Travel Demand management
    • Traffic control system for passenger vehicles
    • Traffic signals synchronized to prioritize certain vehicles movement of goods
  • Alternative fuel driven vehicles
    • Developing charging infrastructure
    • Setting up refueling facilities for alternative heavy duty fuels fuel
    • Smart guiding to alternative fuel stations and fast charging
  • Smart mobility solutions
    • Green parking index in combination with car sharing pool with EV
    • Electrical and cargo bike pool