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In Helsingborg there is a very ambitious climate action plan, where the city as a whole has already reduced its CO2 emission by about 88% compared with 1997 level and the share of fossil fuel is now less than 20%. The goal is to become totally CO2 neutral or even to export CO2 neutral energy to neighboring areas. The municipality owned housing company Helsingborgshem, is the major player owning more than 35% of the new buildings coming up in Helsingborg.

In the NEXT-Buildings project, new very low energy buildings were realized, being the first phase of a huge and very ambitious 311000 m2 Ecodistrict development, representing a mix between new and refurbished buildings, together forming a more sustainable new neighborhood. The new buildings were established as fill-in buildings in between the eco-rehabilitated buildings. The new houses are active houses with a space heating demand less than 15 kWh/m2. Active houses are active as they produce electricity (exchange/export of electricity to grid) and heat (exchange/export of solar to district heating). They are also active in user involvement, behavior and demand control, etc. and have an important role for the development of the total adjacent area.

Construction has been finalised and in summer 2016 all apartments in Kvarteret Isbanan are occupied.