REPLICATE Site Bristol

Country & City: 
  • United Kingdom
  • Bristol
Contact Information: 
Helen Manchester
University of Bristol
United Kingdom

In Bristol, the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill neighbourhood partnership area was chosen as the target district as the REPLICATE project could bring a number of benefits to this area including:

  • Reduce the cost, and amount, of energy consumed to tackle fuel poverty.
  • Use more local renewable sources of energy to increase local resilience.
  • Enable greater sustainable mobility to increase health and wellbeing as well as enable better access to training and employment.
  • Engages citizens in their energy use and travel patterns to change behaviour.
  • Contribute to an overall aim to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Some of the interventions being piloted include:

  • Energy efficient refitting of homes
  • Development of local renewable energies
  • Connected homes
  • 32 e-bikes
  • 6 electric car club vehicles
  • An on-demand bus electric bus service
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Personalised mobility applications
  • Integrated infrastructures
  • Development of a smart city platform (Bristol Is Open)
  • An energy demand management service