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  • Estonia
  • Tartu
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Tartu has around 100,000 citizens and it is a compact university city. It provides a very good development environment, to a great extent due to its proactive city government. Demanding cross-sectorial cooperation is well established in Tartu, and it has internationally competitive R&D institutions. The number of ICT SMEs and start-ups is also quite high. The selected pilot area covers ​​0.39 km2 area in the city center, which is surrounded by two streets in the so-called Khrushchev banks quarter.

Pilot side activities include:

  • efficient renovation of buildings
  • innovative solutions for district heating (e.g. introduction of waste heat into the network)
  • innovative solutions for transport (e.g. recycling old batteries used in electric vehicles, installation of new charging points, e-car sharing)
  • innovative solutions street lighting (e.g. LEDs and sensor-based lighting)
  • renewable energy (production and storage)
  • installation of sensors (noise, air pollution, temperature, humidity as well as monitoring of road conditions)
  • citizens’ involvement in planning and implementation

Altogether 900 Khrushchev-era apartments (23 buildings) will be energetically renovated, the urban energy systems will be upgraded and the electric car fleet will be enlarged.

In addition, an IT tool will be developed, which will enable residents to monitor, analyze and adjust home energy consumption. It will also promote the exchange of information in the community. It will be able to provide real-time information about the availability of nearby shared cars as well as about environmental conditions.