Smarter Together Site Munich

Country & City: 
  • Germany
  • München
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The Munich lighthouse demonstration area is located at the Western edge of the city and includes both the large urban redevelopment area Neuaubing-Westkreuz (350 ha / 30,000 residents) and the flagship new development area Freiham, set to become a model of low carbon development for up to 20,000 new residents and 7,500 new jobs.

Munich will focus on:

  • Involvement of  local residents in the planning process through a Smart Neighbourhood Lab. This goes far beyond the concept of conventional public participation turning citizens into real planners, developing solutions together with private and public stakeholders involved in the project
  • Construction of low-energy districts based on renewable district heating (geothermal and low temperature district heating) and renewable energy
  • Holistic rehabilitation of housing stock in public and private ownership (energy-efficient, high-standard renovation of 42,000 m2 floor space), while preserving current rent levels
  • Creation of integrated infrastructures for smart data management platforms and smart services (e.g. intelligent lampposts, local goods distribution centers, shared economic services, apps, etc.)
  • Solutions for local sustainable mobility (car sharing, cargo e-bikes, e-mobility stations, etc.)

The proposed package of measures is based on the concept of shared economy - pooling of services and goods, recycling of resources, innovative business models, user-friendly services and targeted, socially acceptable use of modern technology.