Sites & Projects

The SCIS knowledgebase encompasses 64 demonstration and urban planning projects co-funded by the European Commission under the Smart Cities calls in Horizon 2020 and the CONCERTO initiative.

Through their 185 demo sites the projects showcase solutions in the fields of:

  • Energy-efficiency in buildings: new buildings, renovation, prefabricated modules, ICT based solutions for energy efficiency
  • Energy system integration: ICT based solutions for district heating & cooling, large scale energy systems for urban heating & cooling
  • Sustainable energy solutions on district level: greenfield development, brownfield development, optimisation of energy systems for high-efficiency districts
  • Smart cities and communities: integration of energy systems, ICT and transport in cities, innovative nature-based solutions
  • Strategic sustainable urban planning

The strategic approaches on a project level are further explored on a demo site level, where all implemented technologies and interventions are presented with figures and technical data according to KPIs, and analysed in terms of barriers and solutions on a financial, regulatory and social level.