Be smart with energy, mobility and ICT in your city

High-performance new buildings

Energy efficient buildings minimize their energy demand while providing a comfortable living environment thanks to high efficient designs. Energy efficient buildings are optimized from the first stages of design together by architects, scientists, engineers and/or life cycle analysts. The main objectives of energy efficient buildings are to facilitate the efficient use of resources, the reduction of waste and the mitigation of CO2 emissions, putting upcoming construction activities on the roadmap to a resource efficient Europe.

Energy efficient buildings introduce new construction techniques such as prefabricated building elements, new fa├žade technologies and smart materials. The smart management of these buildings is essential to decrease their demand: ICT provide smart regulation solutions, enhance user experiences and awareness building. Regarding technologies HVAC technologies, they have to be selected and adapted from the first stages of design. Mechanical and natural ventilation, active thermal mass storage, DHC, heat pumps, photovoltaic elements and thermal collectors can all be integral parts of building design depending on the requirements.