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Why may replication (not) be happening - Recommendations on EU R&I and regulatory policies

24 November 2018

The present policy analysis investigates the reasons why replication of smart urban energy, mobility and ICT solutions for a clean en- ergy future may be difficult. While evidence from smart city projects suggests that the devil is often in the details, it is at the same time possible to determine common mecha- nisms that appear to hamper replication. The present paper identifies and discusses some general barriers and presents opportunities for overcoming them. Further, more specific barriers and opportunities will be examined in follow-up publications with a view to formulating additional policy recommendations.

Download: Why may replication (not) be happening

The making of a smart city: policy recommendations

12 November 2017

The purpose of this report is to share lessons learned and to provide policy recommendations based on feedback from projects as well as from other documentation on the policies needed to support Smart Cities. As such, it is a key deliverable in the Smart Cities Information Systems (SCIS) project, which aims to support and stimulate the replication of successful innovative technologies tested through EU-funded Smart Cities and Communities demonstration projects. The core target groups of this report are policy makers at the local, national and EU levels. It complements two other reports with information on all projects analysed ‘The making of a smart city: best practices’, and one on potential tools to replicate innovations for city planners and policy developers ‘The making of a smart city: technology replication’.

Download: Policy recommendations

The making of a smart city: replication and scale-up of innovation in Europe

12 November 2017

Testing and developing new innovations to transform the energy and transport landscape of cities is undoubtedly complex, highlighted by the challenging experiences of the numerous projects nanced by the EU. Once the arduous path of nding a successful new innovative solution is completed, the road is far from over. Innovations in general face a day of reckoning, the moment where the costs of entering the market and upscaling simply cannot be overcome. Lack of venture capital, market failures and other barriers can bring the process to a halt. This is not only a reality for smart city solutions, but because of their nature, the number of barriers are o en far higher than in many other areas of innovation.

Download: Replication and scale-up of innovation in Europe

The making of a smart city: best practices across Europe

12 November 2017

Ensuring that successful innovative technologies tested in European cities are replicated in other budding projects lies at the heart of the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS). Bringing together project developers, cities, institutions, industry and experts from across Europe, SCIS encourages the exchange of data, experience and know-how to collaborate on the creation of smart cities and an energy-e cient urban environment.

Download: best practices across Europe