Be smart with energy, mobility and ICT in your city

Kick-off Meeting: Smarter Together Club of Cities

Event Date: 
26 April 2017
Stuttgart, Germany

The Smarter Together Club of Cities will bring together cities from Europe and beyond with the objective of improving their capacity to implement Smart City solutions through networking, study visits and online tools.

The European Lighthouse cities of Vienna, Munich and Lyon, the Follower cities of Santiago de Compostela, Sofia and Venice and the Observer cities of Kiev and Yokohama are working together to improve citizens’ quality of life in the framework of the Smarter Together project. They will share their experience in 5 areas of co-created and replicable integrated smart solutions: citizen engagement, district heating & renewable energy, holistic refurbishment, smart data and e-mobility.

Any city interested in Smart City solutions is welcome to join the Club of Cities, especially if focusing on the issues of political governance in a Smart City, business models and citizen engagement.